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|R.A.B| Emerald Flames: Chapter 3 - Small Talk
The house was silent. Too quiet. It was like the house was encased in it’s own sound bubble. The unlit halls were dark, empty of life as she creeped forward. The shadows were dimmed as the light hidden behind a curtain across the corridor washed early yellow light steadily around the corner. Particles of glowing dust danced like fairies within the pale light as if they would on a stage.
Soft feet padded across the wooden floor. Careful. Careful. I wouldn't want be caught. She avoided the places where she knew the floors would creak. She took another step towards the innocent looking door. Just a peek. I just want to know who’s behind the door.
Finally the young girl stood before the tall, bronze colored door. Standing on her toes, she reached for the handle as her two tiny hands had grasped the cool knob and twist. Still holding the door, the girl pushed the door forward at a snail like pace, quickly sneaked in, and closed the door with a soft
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|R.A.B.| Emerald Flames: Chapter 2
He felt like he had been hit by the Knight Bus–that also backed up then ran forward again–when he had rolled and finally crashed with a grunt. The trees then had decided to want to play spin the bottle. When the trees had finally stopped spinning, he cursed gravity, and heaved himself up and groaned. I’m going to feel this in the morning. He shook his head after he’d gotten back on all fours. Sirius looked the hill where he had fallen from offensively and huffed. 
The dog Animagus then let his legs move away on their own accord. Sirius breathed in the crisp cold air of autumn. The forest floor was covered by a blanket of fallen orange, gold, and scarlet leaves. Usually during this type of season, each step his large paws took, he would listen to the leaves letting out a satisfying ‘crunch’. At the moment, he deliberately caused the sound to distract his wandering mind. It surprisingly didn't work. 
The currently blac
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|R.A.B.| Emerald Flames: Chapter 1
It was quite when Regulus felt his teeth grinding against each other as he forced his lip to clamp to a thin line. Though his lungs were screaming, no, begging for the sweet taste of air.
He couldn't tell if up was down or down was up. Regulus knew that the cursed demons below, or was it above? Well, all he knew was that their skeletal hands kept on clawing and grabbing as Regulus kept on thrashing and kicking at anything that was moving. Those hands clutched every part of his body with vice like grip pulling and pulling.
Are sure you can do this?
Regulus knew that the numbing water surrounding him were almost unparalleled to the frozen rains of winter. If he was above the surface, Regulus knew he would have felt the pain of every single scratch and bruise he'd accumulated on his body. Maybe he wouldn't have felt anything and just died of hypothermia.
It isn't as bad as you think, you know that Reggie?
It was silent when Regulus started to fe
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|R.A.B.| Emerald Flames: Prologue
Life is a strange thing. A child could be born full of potential to face the world that lay before them. They would go through life and see the world through wondrous eyes. They could take the world like a storm than cater their own history as time goes on. Or a child could grow to make their own story from the shadows, which will then turn into a forgotten part of history. The untold legacies that are left within either a few or left the world along with their makers.
Though, even hidden stories could sometimes be revealed again.
“This is a very crucial event, therefore the both of you are required to uphold our titles like proper Blacks once we get there.” Her voice wasn't completely commanding, but held a certain tone of sternness. “No gallivanting as we’ve been allowing you both lately. I propose that you two don’t make your father and I regret our decision on that matter.”
“Yes, Mother.”
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Drawing I love drawing, and digital art is fun too. /)O3O(\
*Practice I need practice -_-

Well I'm a 17 year old self taught artist. I usually practice mimicking other art styles till I add my own style to it or feel comfortable that I could add my own style. I'm not that good of a artist that I want to put my art as a wallpaper yet, but I think I'm getting there.

And obviously I'm a brony, a whovian, a anime lover, a Sherlock fan, Once Upon a Time fan, Gravity Falls fan, and other fandoms I don't know about. Sometimes I'm a fan of the fandoms within the fandom. I'm not obsessed over things that I go to cons or buy enough products like mangas, DVDs, toys, ect to fill a room, but enough of a fan to make art. I relatively like my life right now and have a balance between internet life and real life.

And if anyone ask FairyRave means the two shows and mangas I adore before MLP FIM they are a combination of Fairy Tail and Rave Master both made by Hiro Mashima.

Places to find me:
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Soooo, the wonderful :iconbluegrassbrooke: tagged me and I thought this would be a fun thing to do.

Le Rules

1. You must post these rules
2. Each person must share 13 things about them
3. Answer the 13 questions the tagger gave you and then invent 13 of your own
4. You must legitimately tag 13 people 
5. Tagbacks are allowed!
6. You must make a journal entry

13 Things about me

1) Well, when I was younger I tend to build a sort of tent in my living room with my two younger siblings. We then stuff blankets, pillows, and a lot of stuffed animals in there and we piled in. We would also leave the opening large enough so we could see the TV.

2) I had two best girl friends in elementary where instead of playing on the swings or monkey bars during recess, we would go out the soccer field to catch the yellow butterflies or examine little bugs.

3) Also, I had three guy friends I would hang out with as well because we liked the same videos games. Once we found a poor dead frog in this pipe near the field, and we decided to bury it and made a small ceremony in memory of it. May the unnamed frog rest in peace.

4) As a child, I would always wake up at exactly 6 on a Saturday morning to watch TV in the dark.

5) The first book that actually got me into reading was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. (I’ve loved the series ever since too.) Harry Potter 

6) There was a time where my younger sister and I looked almost exactly like one another that when we go out in public almost every time someone would ask “Are you two twins?” and one of us would reply “No, we are one year apart,” then they would look at us like they don't believe our words. 
Angry sock gravity falls icon (broken) 

7) In addition on the subject of twins, once I was on stage with my choir for a concert, and my director was stressed and was giving us the final rundown before we start. The other staff was just letting people into the auditorium to be seated and family just happened to be the first ones in. Well, my director saw my sister than actually yelled at her to get back on stage. My sister was standing confused, while my friends standing next to me and I was calling for my director’s attention. She spurned around and said, “What?!” She spotted me and then looked back at my sister then back at me and yelled, “Who’s that?!” and I said, “My sister.” We were all laughing in the end. (No, she wasn't a bad director. I knew she was stressed about the concert that day. She was really one of my best choir director, so I’d love her regardless.)

8) I currently ranked #10 out of my whole junior class. There are kids who asked me how do I do it and I just sit thinking I don't know, considering I spend the majority of my free time reading fanfiction till around 2 am in the morning instead of studying. When I say all the majority of my free time, I really mean I waste my time and I don't regret it.
GIF Gravity Falls - Wowowowow 

9) I had a crush on this guy when I was in elementary school, and he happened to be an amazing artist. He was also one of the reasons why I’m inspired to draw, which is to get to his level of skill. I never told him, though, and I haven't seen him since. 

10) I am the type that would not deliberately attempt to draw attention, but likes attention and would willing to talk just about anything if approached. 

11) Every time there’s music playing that I love, I WILL sing it out loud. My siblings find this annoying, but I don't care. Dance [Gravity Falls] 

12) I love math. There's just something satisfying about solving an equation or problem.Emoticons' math problem 

13) I have a weird obsession over fanfics. The last physical book that I actually picked out for myself was about a year ago. Star and Her Evil Rainbow Emote 

13 Questions I was asked

1) Do you eat your cake with a spoon or a fork? 

Depends on what I grab hold first. Doesn't matter what I would use as long as I eat the cake. Heck, I would even use a spork or some chopsticks if I get to eat good cake, especially if it's chocolate.
excited Star Butterfly icon 

2) What's the weirdest thing you've ever drawn? 

4 words: Comic, Celestia, Cake, and Luna. Celestia hates Luna 

3) If you had the choice/time, would you take a nap every day?

Yes, definitely, absolutely.

4) If you could have anything for breakfast, what would it be? 

Eggs of any kind. Scrambled, sunny side, omelet, etc.  

5) What is your favorite Pokemon? Why?

Between Eevee or Ninetales. An Eevee because there are so many different evolutions it could go through and they are all cute. A Ninetales because I loved it ever since I saw it on the original Pokémon series as a kid.

6) Have you ever watched the Rankin and Bass production of The Hobbit? 

I haven't even read the Hobbit nor Lord of the Rings, let alone watched them yet.

7) What's one weird pet peeve of yours?

My dad’s off-topic lectures and people leaving the lights on when they leave a room.

8) Best comfort food?

Phở (It’s a Vietnamese dish I grew up with ever since I was a child. It’s wonderful to have when I’m sick or cold or simply want some hot soup with noodles.)

9) Do you RP? With whom (don't have to be specific, lol, just in general)?

I haven't done any recently unless you can count me playing a MLP video game 2 years ago. 

10) Favorite animal at the zoo?

I like them all, but I’ll have to say the tiger. Happy Yellow Tiger 

11) Fuzzy socks? Yay or nay?


12) Ever had real maple syrup? Did you like it? 

I don't think so, but I had bought honey directly from the farmers market before and that tasted great with waffles.

13) What's a smell that makes you happy?

Chocolate or my mom’s cooking.

My 13 Questions

1) What is your first fandom you knowingly joined?
2) What is the earliest childhood show you remember?
3) Truthfully, how many hours do you sleep each night?
4) Who was your first crush or who was someone you’d first admired?
5) What are some of your favorite books?
6) Do you like to work on separate layers when you make art? 
7) What is your favorite school subject?
8) Traditional or digital?
9) If you are stuck on a deserted island, who would you bring with you and what 3 items would you bring?
10) Do you have a funny memory from your childhood? 
11) What Hogwarts House would you be sorted in?
12) What is your preferred writing utensil?
13) Name the first two words you could think off the top of your head.




The house was silent. Too quiet. It was like the house was encased in it’s own sound bubble. The unlit halls were dark, empty of life as she creeped forward. The shadows were dimmed as the light hidden behind a curtain across the corridor washed early yellow light steadily around the corner. Particles of glowing dust danced like fairies within the pale light as if they would on a stage.

Soft feet padded across the wooden floor. Careful. Careful. I wouldn't want be caught. She avoided the places where she knew the floors would creak. She took another step towards the innocent looking door. Just a peek. I just want to know who’s behind the door.

Finally the young girl stood before the tall, bronze colored door. Standing on her toes, she reached for the handle as her two tiny hands had grasped the cool knob and twist. Still holding the door, the girl pushed the door forward at a snail like pace, quickly sneaked in, and closed the door with a soft click.

The room went dark when she surveyed around. As her eyes adjust to the minimal light of the closed curtain, she gazed around the familiar space. The walls would be a warm gold-ish color like the sun during spring if the small but spacious room wasn't so dark. There were vaguely shaped furniture pushed against the wall. The girl ignored them and noted the bed was against the wall in front of her, aligned to the center. Finally the young girl had saw a pron form under the covers. 

There was a chair already situated just to the left of the bed, so she thought logically to tipped toed her way towards it. It took a bit of determination to climb on top of the chair, but she had successfully made it. The young girl had grinned triumphantly.

Sitting on her knees, she observed the young sickly looking man on the bed. It was too difficult to see much but she could tell that if the room was lit, the man would look like a sweaty ghosts. Do ghosts even sweat? She then was taken aback on how wrapped up he was like an Egyptian mummy. She noted there were already some areas where fresh pink skin had recently grown. 

The girl had recalled her mother had spoken about some spells and potions she would use at her job as a Healer. She remembered getting bored at some point, but she was glad her mummy knew how to heal people who are hurt. She knew how much her mother worries about her too, since she always ended up somehow falling over even over nothing–or over her own feet.

The girl looked back curiously at the young sleeping man. He had messy black hair like the colour of a raven’s feather and a black cat. She had vividly remembered tripping over a black cat, as a result the cat had ended up following her everywhere. Her mother had eventually let her kept it. 

The girl shook her wandering mind and went back to observing the man. He had the high cheek bone like her mother, but more masculine. And the aristocratic pretty features, though the young man didn't look like he had eaten in awhile. There were also prominent dark bags under his eyelids even though he had slept since yesterday afternoon when the man and her mother popped into the sitting room. She had ferociously denied to her father that she cried at the time because of the ugly scary creature with them. She shivered at the memory. The girl was just happy that she hadn't seen the thing since. 

The girl looked back at the man’s sleeping features. She’d wondered how the man came to be like this and worried her mother so. 

Unexpectedly, the man had shifted which surprised her so much she fell off the chair with a squeak. The girl crashed onto the follow with a thud, which caused the man to suddenly sprang up. Though, he prominently fell back on the bed roughly, groaning. 

She saw the man’s stunning grey eyes shifting around till it landed on her. She practically felt her hair turn pink as her face, so not wanting to be rude about disturbing the man’s sleep she introduced herself.

“Wotcher Mister! I’m Nymphadora, but my daddy calls me Dora a lot anyways. Which I would prefer you call me, by the way. I’m really sorry for waking you up, but I was just so curious about you. Though, I’ve been wondering, why do you look like you’ve been ran over by a herd of hippo-griffs?”

The man just stared at Dora stiffly with his pupils practically blown up. Then replied with a croaky, “What?”
Dora picked herself off the floor and clambered back on the chair, while ignoring the eyes watching behind her. “Well, you looked just awful when you and mummy popped in the sitting run with a umm– the wrinkly creepy creature with big ears.” She nodded satisfied with the description, “Though, mummy healed you, so you look better now. Still awful, but better. Mummy is still worrying a lot about–”

The older man cutted her off, “Wait, who are your parents?”

“Daddy's name is Edward, but everyone calls him Ted and mummy’s name is sort of hard for me to pro– umm– pron–.”

“Pronounce.” The man offered. He had seemed less stiff by then, but his voice would still croaky.

“Yeah, and it’s long like my name.” Dora scrunched her nose. “I can barely pronou- umm, say my own name. Mummy always says my name is beautiful, but I dunno. Anyways, daddy always call mummy Andy. How about you, what's your name?”

The man looked hesitant and studied Dora’s curious face. He then sighed looking resigned, “If you must know, my name is Regulus.”

“That’s a nice name, though kind of strange. Reg–u–lus.”

Regulus shook his head, “You’re a bit strange yourself.” Dora shrugged and bobbed her head in agreement as corner of Regulus twitches up. Dora noticed Regulus eyes shifted up to look just above her head. “That's an interesting choice of color.”

“Oooooh, yeah! I can change my hair and other parts of my body to anything I want. Well my hair color also changes a lot when I’m either reeeaally happy, or reeeeally mad. Anyways, mummy thinks I should at least keep one look for a week or two so I don't keep surprising her when we go out. Daddy thinks it's funny though. Oooohhh, I can show you.” Dora closed her eyes and furrowed her eyebrows in concentration, waiting for the sort of usual fuzzy feeling she felt when she change something. When she was done, she peeked her through her eyelids to see a funny expression where Regulus’s jaws dropped to the floor. 

He closed his mouth slowly then weakly stated, “You– your a Metamorphmagus.”

“Yep.” Dora stated as she pop the ‘p’. She grinned and shook her now shoulder length black locks much like Regulus’s raven black hair, while her eyes shown a silver grey a shade lighter than Regulus’s. The young Metamorphmagus kick her short, chubby legs while humming a tune the her mummy usually sings.

Something seemed to click on Regulus’s features, “Who are your parents again?”

Both the older wizard and younger Metamorphmagus suddenly jumped when there was a knock at the door. The room was immediately cast with morning light as the curtains moved aside by themselves. Dora saw Regulus spun his head to face her mother with a look of pure shock on his face that made her muffled her giggle behind her hand.

“I see you're awake now Regulus.” Andromeda nodded at the shocked face wizard then turn to her daughter, “There you are Nymphadora,” Dora scrunched her nose up at her name but faced her mother anyways, “Would you please go downstairs to help your father set the table for breakfast?”

“Alright, mummy.” Dora hopped off her seat nearly falling over again, but caught herself. “Bye Mister Reggie, nice talking with you!” The little girl skipped then passed her mother leaving the still shocked wizard sitting on the bed. 


Sirius woke up to find himself that he had spent the night on the hard leather couch. His back was cramped enough to have felt like he had slept on a brick wall (which he knew what it was like since it did happen once, but that was Prong’s fault). The wizard cursed at the much too bright happy light. He groaned, rubbing his face as he got up. 

“What the hell am I doing on the couch?” 

A burst of green fire lit the flat as a man ran in with ragged breath screaming, “PADFOOT!”

Sirius proceeded to immediately fall off the couch in a heap. He then started to let a second round of curses, but in the end decided to stay on the floor. The floor is a nice place to be.

“Are you just going to lay there?” The man with hair that is forever cursed to look like bed hair raised his eyebrows, then he walked over and plopped on the couch where Sirius had apparently slept on the night before. 

“It's too early for everything, Prongs.”

James rolled his hazel eyes and sighed. “I’m just going to be blunt here, Sirius. I came over because I found out about, you know–”

Sirius blinked with honest confusion, he creased his forehead trying to rack through his brain of what he and James last spoke about, “About what?”

“It’s in the paper.” 

Sirius gave his friend a deadpanned expression.

James pulled his circular glasses off and rubbed his face. He then took out the Daily Prophet and threw it in front of the man currently resigning on the floor, “About Regulus.” 

Everything that happen the other day suddenly came crashing onto Sirius; the letter, the forest, the grieving, the memories.

“Oh.” The wizard just laid there as a forbidding cloud covered his expression.

“Yeah.” James pushed his glasses back on the brim of his nose and looked at Sirius pitifully. “Are you alright?”

“As much as I’ll ever be with grieving for my supposedly dead brother who I haven't spoken to since I left Hogwarts with nothing but recent memories of arguments, yelling, and hexes and then finding out he was a Death Eater which I think that maybe it was my fault for leaving him at my childhood home with parents who are practically the ‘Dark Lord’ supporters and no way to make amends with now that said dead brother is dead. Oh, did I mention, there's no body to bury. Other than that, I’m a great ball of sunshine that wants to dance with pink fluffy unicorns on rainbows.” Sirius then proceeded to curled up on himself. Yep, the floor is where I deserve to be right now. 

Sirius felt eyes burning on the back of his head but he didn't care. All he wanted to do is drown in his own misery. Maybe I should get a drink later. In the morning? Yep.

“So–you are planning on going to the funeral? The place where you know your family who disowned you, would be too?”

“Might as well.” So I could curse the lot of them to kingdom come.

James just stared skeptically, “Are you sure that’s a brilliant idea? I’m pretty sure there would be a lot of Death Eaters there too. I wager plenty of them would line up to hex your arse off once they see your face. Maybe torture you to oblivion afterwards.”

“We’ve done years worth of stupid stuff before, Prongs. Do you not remember the incident with the apples?” Both of the wizards shivered.

James shook his head, “Moony still avoids apples like a plague after that, though they still freak me out a bit too. Ugh, Lily sometimes gives me looks when I try to stop her from making apple pie.”

“Yeah–Why not add ‘going to a Death Eater infested funeral’ to the list? ‘Sides, I’ll be staying as Padfoot the whole time and watching from a distance.” Sirius rolled onto his back to the face the ceiling that held some old cracks and took a deep breath, “I just feel like I should go. I don't know, Regulus is–” the wizard paused and murmured, “he was my younger brother.”

As James inhaled through his nose and exhaled out through his mouth, “Alright, the date of the funeral is in the paper.” James turned his head and studied the lonely clean flat around him.

To be truthful, out of all the Marauders, Sirius was surprisingly the most neatest. During their first year at Hogwarts, Sirius initially would be asking questions why either James or Peter had left their beds unfolded or why they had left their clothes around. He had even asked about the way they had organized their things from books and such. Though Remus was neat himself, he thought the way Sirius acted was a bit weird also, not that any of them admitted it. They had all thought he asked those things because he was those type of kids who liked to keep clean, so they went along with it. 

Before that, around the Start-of-Term Feast, Sirius had sat up stiffly straight unlike any other First Year and ate like most of the Professors (and the Slytherins) did. James had asked about it, but Sirius had distracted him with a joke of some kind and then asked about the way he would set up pranks. That night, James had realized Sirius didn't eat anything for the rest of the feast.

For the first couple days of the term, James and the rest had thought Sirius was a strange kid for no other reason than being himself. Well, until the day the letter came. His roommate had the very first Howler of the year. The reasons why Sirius was the way he was had finally came to light for the three other roommates. It was the day the four of them formed their pack, and the day James sealed their friendship for the rest of their days. 

Sirius was a kid with a strict and unhappy home life. There were some brief information of a younger brother that seemed to shed light to the gloomy childhood, but Sirius would usually became dejected or worried when he was mentioned. James wondered about the Brother’s relationship sometimes, but since he had met the younger Black a year later–it wasn't a pleasant confrontation to say the least. He wasn't sure what to make of him at the time. 

Now older, he thought maybe, the brothers only had each other before the elder one left. James had felt a bit guilty about the way he had treated Slytherins back then since Lily gave him ‘the talk’ about the subject. But truly, he thought Regulus made his choice a long time ago.
James’s hazel eyes landed back on the other man’s depressed form resting on the wooden floor. James didn't liked the fact that one of his best friend was suffering alone like this. He will damn well make sure the man who had stood next to him through thick and thin not go down like this. “Until the funeral, you’ll be staying with me. We have plenty of room, and Lily would be happy to see you.”

Dimmed eyes still faced the ceiling above him, “I don't want to bother you or them with me being like this.”

“Nope, you're staying at my place and you have no choice in the matter. If you resist, I will be forced to personally drag you out, and you can guess what I would do when I want to do something.”

“You couldn't get Lily to go out with you till our seventh year.” Sirius dryly pointed.

“Oi! I’m married to her now! You don't need to bring that up! We were talking about your problems, not my past problems. Now get off the ruddy floor and let's get going, Lily is making pancakes right now.”


Regulus fidgeted. His pale, clammy hands clutched the duvet that was spread over the bottom half of his body. He knew his appearance was currently atrocious considering how much he felt like being mauled by a ‘pack of hippogriffs’ as referenced to the little girl who was in fact a Matephorpus. A real Matephorpus! Regulus was also relieved that Kreacher made it out. Even if Andromeda’s daughter sort of insult the poor House-elf. 

Though in literal sense, he had been mauled and nearly drowned by animated dead bodies created by the Dark Lord. Well, Regulus refused to refer the man–monster–that anymore. 

Monster seems to be the appropriate to describe him. He shall proceed to refer him ‘Mort’ in his head. Since in French ‘Vol de mort’ translates to ‘Flight of Death’ and ‘mort’ is really the conjugated form of ‘mourir’ which means ‘to die’, thus the monster well further be called Mort. Ironically, naming himself of fleeing from death, referring to immortality, was almost laughably obvious. Not that anyone had seen it, the means gaining immortality were just too, inhuman. But blind promises and power within someone's grasp were in the way of the truth. 

Overall, Regulus hadn't felt this skittish since he had found out the truth about Mort. Though with all things considering, Regulus hadn't seen hide nor hare of his disowned cousin in a long time. So yes, he would be fidgety when facing her dark intensely sparking eyes that had started right at him down to his very being. Scrutinizing him.

Regulus couldn't recall how he had gotten to Andromeda’s home. He couldn't even fathom why she of all people would save him! Regulus was even more perplexed of how she had managed to have found the cave, let alone fend off the hordes of Inferi and saved him in the midst of that.

His cousin looked much older, more mature than when he had last seen the witch. Her features were still scarily similar to Bellatrix’s, from her high cheekbones to the arch of her eyebrows, though the similarities ended there. Bellatrix held an aura of chaotic madness around her, while Andromeda had held a nature of tenderness and compassion. 

At the moment, being under the older woman's care was not how Regulus had envisioned he would be at after he had accepted to have died in his watery grave.

“I need you to take some of these potions. I’ve been waiting for you to wake to administer them to you. If you must know, I already applied salves and Dittany, so your scars would have been healed over by now. Although, you did had a lot of blood loss, so you will need to take the Blood-Replenishing Potion first.” The witch gestured towards the one of the two bottles near what seemed to be a glass of water he hadn't noticed on the nightstand. “The bottle on the right.”

“There were traces of some kind of substance that I couldn't make out within your system. I had managed to get your blood stream cleared of the substance, so I don't expect it would be much of a problem in the long term. You’re also severely dehydrated, I suggest you drink a lot of fluids in the meantime, especially water. I don't recommend eating any solid or hard food for a at least two days.” 

She took a moment to pause and continued, “Your heart had stopped momentarily, but I revived you soon enough. Considering you were underwater for an extensive amount of time before I had gotten you out, your brain lacked the oxygen it needed thus you might experience dizziness and nausea at unexpected times. The brain isn't my field of expertise, therefore I could not go further to help you unless you meet an expert. Just take the two bottles of potions I already labeled. I’ll give you the others when it will the time to. If you have any other concerns and problems, just call for me.” 

“Thank-you.” Regulus murmured. 

She nodded steadily. The silence was deafening by then after Regulus had downed the bitter tasting potions. He avoided the older witch’s gaze as he fiddled with the frayed edge of the bandage on his left arm. She gave a sudden huffed in an unladylike manner and crossed the room with purpose. She then, without delay, took a seat on chair with an air of dignified grace right next to the bed.

Andromeda regarded the younger wizard and exhaled deeply, “Regulus, what happened to you?”

His fingers stopped moving. He just stared at his wrapped left arm. “I had simply made all the wrong choices.”

He knew that the mark hidden from sight would forever be branded to his skin. Not only as a visible mark, but something that represents a more permanent dark force. A constant reminder of past transgressions and trepidation. Though, he had recalled the pure satisfaction when the mark was painted crimson red. For that moment, he had felt a sense of tranquility. He let his arm fall besides him.

The wizard noticed his cousin observing him then looked down on the bare floor, “I know we haven't exactly been on pleasant terms since I was disowned. Though I will never regret my decision on that matter.” She paused, “But that doesn't mean that I still don't miss my family I grew up with either. No matter what their views were, I never truly want anyone of them to get hurt.”

“I didn't want anyone to get hurt either.” 

Regulus saw Andromeda gazed back up with bit wonder, but didn't made any comment on his statement. “And the cave?”

The wizard stiffened, “I needed to do something.”

Regulus believed that the information he had on Mort was too vital to just simply appease to his cousin’s curiosity. He couldn't let anyone know. It's a type of information that would end the hellish war once in for all. If it ever gotten out, well, he would be better off killed by the Inferi.

He decided to divert the subject, “How did you save me in the first place?”

Regulus saw Andromeda biting the bottom of her lip, “Kreacher took me there. At the cave I– I remembered Bella had spoken about Inferi and their weakness towards flames. She used the Infierno Ignis spell once before too so–”

Wait, had he heard correctly, “You used that the Infierno Ignis spell successfully? On your first attempt?” 

Andromeda bristled like a cat while her eyes flashed, “I had no choice.”

Regulus held his hands up, “I hadn't meant it to sound that way. It's just, I hadn't realized that your that magically adapt with that form of magic. Not because of what it's labeled as, but the amount of stamina to cast and hold it.” 

“It’s not without consequences. I can't use a lot of magic now without feeling drained afterwards. I just need to rest for a couple of weeks until then.” The witch relaxed her shoulders in resign.

The younger wizard had a creeping sensation of guilt crawling up his throat. “Why did you save me?” He nearly whispered.

The caramel haired witch dark eyes softened to an expression Regulus hadn't seen in a long time. “You’re family. You're also my younger cousin. I may not agree with you on some topics, but as I’d said, I still care about my family. Even if most of them wouldn't do the same.”

Regulus was at a loss on how to respond to that. Briefly, lost memories flooded through his mind. Of the time before the war, before Hogwarts, before the talk of political views and expectations, before everything crumpled. 

Of the time where laughter was a past time. The time instead of blank faces, his father joked. Instead of long winded rants, his mother made banter. Instead of cruel torture, Bellatrix would be in the spotlight telling stories. Where instead of fake smiles, Narcissa had spoken about anything under the sun. There were many others, but Regulus had remembered the time where Sirius, Siri, was his older brother who had made him smile.



“I’m sorry for everything.”

Regulus watch as the older witch face transformed to that of bewilderment, then understanding. Andromeda gave a gentle smile.

“You’re not at fault Regulus. I made my choice and they made theirs. We can't repeat the past, but we could forge a different future.”

Regulus in return gave his own tentative smile.

Unexpectedly, there was a thump outside the room followed by a knock at the door. Regulus saw his cousin’s dark eyes flickered towards him before she called, “Come in.”

An unfamiliar man strode in with a troubled look. Clutched in his hand was what seemed to be the wizarding paper, the Daily Prophet. 

“Andromeda. Regulus.” 

Andromeda stood up with concern, “What is it Ted?”

The older man, Ted put his hand through his hair and whirled around looking straight at Regulus. “You’re death is apparently announced all over the paper.”


|R.A.B| Emerald Flames: Chapter 3 - Small Talk
[Chapter 2] <~~ • ~~> [Next Chapter 4: Coming Soon]

[The Beginning]

[Ao3] [] 

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Regulus head is the strangest place to be in for me. Much stranger than Sirius’s. I didn't even know what tense to write the story in when I started to write Regulus that way. It a completely different style from what I’m use to. Regulus is like a encyclopedia. He even uses words I don't even use. And I’m suppose to be writing him! 

Also, Mort is an even worse name than Tom. Though Regulus doesn't know that yet. To clarify, I actually took French so I know that mort is derived from mourir. ‘Mort’ is the past tense form so it mean ‘dead’ or ‘death’. ‘Mourir’ the infinitive form means ‘to die’. Hope that clears that part off.

Overall, I’m happy how this chapter had turned out.

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He felt like he had been hit by the Knight Bus–that also backed up then ran forward again–when he had rolled and finally crashed with a grunt. The trees then had decided to want to play spin the bottle. When the trees had finally stopped spinning, he cursed gravity, and heaved himself up and groaned. I’m going to feel this in the morning. He shook his head after he’d gotten back on all fours. Sirius looked the hill where he had fallen from offensively and huffed. 

The dog Animagus then let his legs move away on their own accord. Sirius breathed in the crisp cold air of autumn. The forest floor was covered by a blanket of fallen orange, gold, and scarlet leaves. Usually during this type of season, each step his large paws took, he would listen to the leaves letting out a satisfying ‘crunch’. At the moment, he deliberately caused the sound to distract his wandering mind. It surprisingly didn't work. 

The currently black coated dog growled furiously as his steely grey eyes turned into a storm cloud of emotions. Stupid. Idiot. Bloody twat. Of all the– Sirius had let out a string of other colorful curses under the sun. Why did you join him? How could you? What was the damn point? Sirius’s hackle rose and fell as he began to pace. Power? Blood purity?! Proving yourself?! Having a grand old time on a murder spree with your bloody mates!!!

He snarled, grinding up his teeth. You're the stupid dult that called me reckless? Ha! Look at where you are now! An early grave 6 feet under. Jaws clenched as he remembered the words on a letter that had cemented itself to his brain. An early grave and you can't even get a proper burial too. You bloody git gone and died at 18. His foreleg froze midstep.

At 18. Far too young to know any better. Too naive to understand the dangers. Too ambitious to stand above on a pedestal that was too high to hear to the warnings below. 

I should've forced you to come with me that day. Heck, I should've dragged you out no matter how much you’d hated me. He paused. I guess it's my fault too.

Sirius still stood frozen when he just stared out at a distant buried memory. 


What do you mean? Wait, you're leaving?” Regulus usually blank eyes widen with honest astonishment. “But–”

“It's exactly what I said, I’m not coming back.” Sirius briskly threw whatever he could take a hold of from his room into his trunk; muggle shirts, jumpers, nicknacks– 

“But why?”

Sirius barked a bitter laugh, “You know why.” He tilted his head towards the transparent window across his room where he had watch the people throughout his childhood go through their daily lives. They didn't seem to notice back then, that a young boy was watching, longing to reach out for the freedom of restrictions like them. The sort of freedom was out of his reach until the day he'd stepped foot on a shining engine red train to a place where he had the chance to make his own choices.

The elder brother then noticed a little black bird flittering past towards the clouds of the open sky, unknowingly sending a significant message. “I’m done fighting.”

“That's a lie and you know it.” Sirius slowly turned to his younger brother and rose an eyebrow. The young wizard’s eyes beamed straight at the older’s with an expression that Sirius hadn't seen in a long time. “You never give up.”

Sirius looked at Regulus, really looked at him, “When I said I’m done fighting, I meant I’m done fighting them.” Sirius wasn’t taken aback at how much venom he hissed out. He did note that his younger brother’s eyes flickered away from his own.

He sighed, “You could come with if you want.”

Now the younger sibling’s head snapped around with such force, Sirius thought it would actually snap. “What?”

Sirius picked up his Gryffindor courage with a smidge of hope and repeated, “You could come with me and leave too.”

Regulus's eyes swam with a turret of emotions. There was a silent tension just then, so much so that it seemed to be waiting for something to just snap. The silence lasted for what seemed like years before his voice mumbled something.


“I can't.”

Sirius expression darkened, “Figures.”

Regulus attempted to avoid another beat of silence by trying to reason with him. “You didn't have to keep responding to every single comment they make.” 

Sirius snorted, “Yeah, like I’m going to let their little comments slide. They basically make a comment about every single damn thing I do. Mother dearest may have already even made a whole list of comments ready just for me at the end of every school year before. A bloke can handle only so many comments before it's enough.” 

He’d slammed the lid with enough force, it had caused the doors to rattle. “Unlike the comments they made on me,” Sirius rounded to face his brother, “You’ve done no wrong to them. Oh, they talked about you alright. Praising their better son, the perfect little prince. The one that should have been the real heir of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black.” Sirius saw something flash on Regulus face before it was gone, he thought it was the trick of the light through his blurry vision.

Regulus seemed to have bristled, “Your transgressions still cease to amaze me. You can't even comprehend the lengths I go to keep those ‘comments’ going instead of Mother’s other methods.”

Sirius swiped his wand off the desk and gripped the rustic handle on the side of his truck, “I’m as appreciative as ever. Now, move.” 

“You are always reckless. Besides you’ve overlooked something, you have to wait another year considering you're not of age yet.”

“Like you’ve ever cared about what the rubbish the Ministry have made. Now, I’m going say this again, move.” The younger raven haired boy still held his ground, blocking Sirius’s door.

“You know what, Brother? You’re not as Gryffindor as you seem to think you are. You and your merry band of friends aren't saints as you present yourselves to be either. I know exactly what you’ve lot done to have led to that night at the Whomping Willow.”

In a blink of an eye, Regulus slammed back roughly against the wall with barely enough time to react. The younger brother’s hurricane liked grey eyes widened at Sirius with a look of betrayal. The elder brother’s features still blazed with fury as he took a step forward. Regulus flinched and a choked cry left his lips when the back of his head banged on the wall behind him. He froze. Regulus slowly touched his head and both brothers paled at the sight of dark crimson painted on the edge of his finger tips. 

Sirius’s anger disappeared immediately. He had never hurted his younger brother directly nor physically before. Even at Hogwarts, the brothers had always avoided each other. Maybe verbally throw hexes, retorts, and painful words, but it had never went over to physically hurting each other. 

Reality came back crashing down on Sirius’s senses when he caught sight of his own wand pointed directly at Regulus. His arm went slack and he felt horror coursing through him. “Reg I’m–”

“Go.” Regulus gaze had made Sirius balked. The younger wizard’s face was wiped bare of all emotion and replaced by an intense cold look of pure hatred.

“What are you waiting for? You just explained elaborately and clearly about why you should leave? What's keeping you here?”

The older wizard wanted to get out of the hole he had fallen into, but all he could think of would have gotten him deeper and deeper. He so desperately wanted to take back what he had done. Sirius’s mind raced a mile a second, “Look, I’m sor–”


The older wizard stepped backwards, but still stayed. Regulus seems to be trembling by then as the blank mask he wore begun to crack. “I just–”

A piercing screech, made Sirius whipped around. 

“I thought I’ve already told you to leave! What are you– WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!” Fury marred the matriarchy of the House of Black features as her blond locks shimmered behind her like white fire. “HOW DARE YOU HURT REGULUS YOU FILTHY BLOOD TRAITOR! YOU SULLY THE NAME OF BLACK LONG ENOUGH! YOU’RE NO SON OF MINE! GET OUT!!! GET OUT!!!”

So he ran.


When Kreacher had Apparated to her home, Andromeda was met with a very frantic husband and a crying daughter whose current hair color at the time was fiery red. The witch told her husband that she was fine but had to immediately tend to Regulus's wounds. He reluctantly let her do her healing magic when the witch told him that she would explain later.

After some rigorous wand movements, salves being applied, and nearly falling over due to magical exhaustion, Andromeda had successfully stabilized the unconscious wizard. 

Finally having her mind cleared of a adrenaline, the young witch realized how precarious her position was. Just for the fact that she was healing her long estranged relative who just happens to have the dark, ugly brand of the Dark Lord on his inner left forearm. Though, what caught her eye was not the mark itself, but the dangerously long wound that slashed right through it. Unlike the jagged claw marks scattered throughout Regulus's pasty skin, the wound was too clean of a cut, too deep to be made by an Inferius. It was both a worrisome and puzzling sight.

A little while of pondering and sitting by the pale boy, Andromeda had noticed the old house elf hidden in the far dark corner of the small guestroom. She had asked if Kreacher would keep Regulus's and her endeavors hidden, which he’d responded to her that her young cousin had already ordered him to. That information had gradually made her frown deepened as she thought more about it. She had told Kreacher to go back to her aunt to avoid suspicion and said that he could come check up on Regulus when he wakes. As soon as the old elf had seemed satisfied that Regulus wouldn't die any minute, the wrinkly creature had left.

By the time the sun had near the horizon, the light skinned witch lost most of her color as if she had been drained like dried sponge, especially since she knew how much stress she had cause to her magical core. The witch promptly slept till well after dark once her head hit her pillow. After waking up the next day, she checked up on Regulus's condition.


The young witch closed the door with a soft click when she left the guest room that held a certain dead like wizard behind her. Andromeda had let her back press against the cool door then gradually slid down to the wooden floor. Merlin, she still felt exhausted.

She was currently resigning on upper level of her home as she was staring at a lovely floral pattern just across from her. Near to the left hung perfectly aligned photos mostly of herself, her husband, and her little joy. She felt the corner of her lips raise when one of the image of her child giggling with her short locks shown a cheery yellow, waved at her.

Heavy steps broke her gaze. “Morning Andy, I’ve brought breakfast. I even founded some strawberries and blueberries. Little Dora is still in bed. I think all the excitement yesterday had tired her out.” He took a seat on the floor right next to her and placed the tray of food on the floor in front to them. He wore ruffled orange colored pyjamas while his fair hair looked as if it hadn't been comb yet. He looked at her with a brilliant smile, but she noticed that his usual carefree sapphire eyes held a tint of worry in them. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Thank you Ted and I’m sorry for all this.” In the fit of the moment she burst, “I have no clue what came over me when I’d allowed Kreacher take me out of the blue like that. It could’ve been a trap and I’d have put myself in danger which would have put you and Nymphadora at risk.”


“But I couldn't say no to him. Kreacher was a sobbing mess when he came and just looked so– so helpless. Then suddenly he’d said that a Regulus was in trouble, but I haven't thought about nor seen him since before we’d left Hogwarts and I left my family–”


The witch was too hysterical by then to hear her husband, “Even though I knew he was older and must have changed since I last seen him. I just– I just than remembered him when he was a adorable little boy who gets excited about books. Books! I let Kreacher take me just because he said Regulus was in danger and I just happen to have a memory when he was a child over the fact I remembered that he enjoyed reading!”  


She kept babbling along, “Merlin! I’m not even a fighter, yet I still went! Yes, I was proficient at DADA at Hogwarts, but I haven't use offense magic in years! What good would I be in a real fight? I was just lucky to have remembered what Bella told me when she had her ridiculous fascination of destroying Dark Creatures. Did you know she even taught me Dark spells? She even told me I’m good at them just like her. HER! I swore I would never use a single Dark spell ever again, but I didn’t have a choice! They were coming and there were too many for me to burn them all at once!”


“Then I remembered about the time Bella actually used the spell when she wanted to burn down that field near a lake during our family trip. It went wrong. It wouldn't stop, and Bella aimed the flames into the pond and I remembered the fire just went right through and just burned all the fish, the creatures, the life down there. Cissy and I just stood there watching while Bella was just looking at it with fascination while laughing. The fire didn't stop. It wouldn't stop until half an hour later. I used that exact spell at that cave. I used a Dark spell that she’d used. I could of–”

“ANDROMEDA!” The witch stopped when she felt strong fingers grip her shoulder, but they felt gentle at the same time, “You realize you've been pushing yourself too much lately.”

“I’m– I–”

The fair haired wizard took hold of both of her shoulders now and sapphire eyes sparked with burning passion, “You’ve saved your cousin’s life by going with Kreacher. I know you can tell the difference from someone who would’ve wanted to trick you and from someone who would’ve honestly tell the truth. You and I both know that you’re nothing like your sister. You only use any spells or whatever means necessary to help others as a last resort, no matter what. I know you had followed your instincts and trusted it. You are a brilliant, beautiful wife, mother, and witch who would put her faith exactly where it belongs.” Ted kissed atop his wife's head. “It's one of the reasons I married you.”

If looks and love could move mountains, Ted would be moving them around the Earth a thousand times and then some more. His loving eyes were gaze at her like she was his world while her own shining dark eyes gaze back by reflecting off his own deep stunning blue. The witch felt her eyes welled up as her own cheeks flare up. "Thank you." Andromeda pecked his unshaven cheeks. Then she flushed a deeper shade of red like the color of a rose, "I'm sorry for rambling like that. The stress and exhaustion must have gotten to me."

“Don't worry about it,” Ted suddenly reverted to his high spirits and played with Andromeda’s soft locks, “Now, shall we eat breakfast down stairs or are we having a picnic on the floor.” He plucked a blueberry from the almost forgotten tray between them, put it into his mouth, and chewed with a look of bliss.

Andromeda giggled as she wiped her eyes with her wrist and shook her head at her husband's antics, "The kitchen would be fine, though I should wake Nymphadora first."

After Ted helped Andromeda up, she looked at the closed door sadly. “I’ll need to check on Regulus afterwards and see if he wakes.”

Ted nodded thoughtfully as he picked up the tray off the floor, “Do you think he would take it well by being here?”

“I don't know anymore. Kreacher definitely would never have come to me if he wasn't desperate. I left the family when Regulus was around 8 or 9 if I recall correctly and I am considered the ‘blood traitor’ after all,” she added sourly, “So why me? Now that I think about it, why go to me and not Sirius?”

“I thought Sirius wants nothing to do with his family? Based on what you've read to me from his letters, you can deduce how strongly he feels about them. Besides you that is.”

She furrowed her eyebrows, “What was Regulus doing in a cave infested with Inferi?” Ted looked equally puzzled and shrugged.

“That does bring up some interesting questions. Maybe you could ask him when he wakes up.”

“You're right,” she paused, “Do you think Sirius should know about Regulus's condition?”

“Do you?”



|R.A.B.| Emerald Flames: Chapter 2
[Chapter 1] <~~ • ~~> [Chapter 3]

[The Beginning]

I would like to say thank-you to The_Yellow_Pen for being my Beta in checking my somewhat messy grammar. ^^

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Anyways, did I wrote Andromeda and Ted's personalities okay-ish? I kind of imagine what Nymphadora Tonks home life was like for her to have that bubbly sort of personality we all know and love (she is around 6 at this time if I calculated correctly).

Also, I have no clue how the heck I've written that version of Sirius's leaving the House of Black. I'm not even that great at writing arguments! But Merlin, Sirius had done and screwed up.

I also realized my writing quality was kind weak the first few chapters (writing till 4 in the morning sure didn't help), so I'll work on getting them revised before I get too far.

Reviews, comments, critics are appreciated! ^^


P.S. There's a perfectly well thought out explanation why Kreacher went to Andy out of everyone that will be explained in a future chapter.


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