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|R.A.B| Emerald Flames: Chapter 3 - Small Talk
The house was silent. Too quiet. It was like the house was encased in it’s own sound bubble. The unlit halls were dark, empty of life as she creeped forward. The shadows were dimmed as the light hidden behind a curtain across the corridor washed early yellow light steadily around the corner. Particles of glowing dust danced like fairies within the pale light as if they would on a stage.
Soft feet padded across the wooden floor. Careful. Careful. I wouldn't want be caught. She avoided the places where she knew the floors would creak. She took another step towards the innocent looking door. Just a peek. I just want to know who’s behind the door.
Finally the young girl stood before the tall, bronze colored door. Standing on her toes, she reached for the handle as her two tiny hands had grasped the cool knob and twist. Still holding the door, the girl pushed the door forward at a snail like pace, quickly sneaked in, and closed the door with a soft
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|R.A.B.| Emerald Flames: Chapter 2
He felt like he had been hit by the Knight Bus–that also backed up then ran forward again–when he had rolled and finally crashed with a grunt. The trees then had decided to want to play spin the bottle. When the trees had finally stopped spinning, he cursed gravity, and heaved himself up and groaned. I’m going to feel this in the morning. He shook his head after he’d gotten back on all fours. Sirius looked the hill where he had fallen from offensively and huffed. 
The dog Animagus then let his legs move away on their own accord. Sirius breathed in the crisp cold air of autumn. The forest floor was covered by a blanket of fallen orange, gold, and scarlet leaves. Usually during this type of season, each step his large paws took, he would listen to the leaves letting out a satisfying ‘crunch’. At the moment, he deliberately caused the sound to distract his wandering mind. It surprisingly didn't work. 
The currently blac
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|R.A.B.| Emerald Flames: Chapter 1
It was quite when Regulus felt his teeth grinding against each other as he forced his lip to clamp to a thin line. Though his lungs were screaming, no, begging for the sweet taste of air.
He couldn't tell if up was down or down was up. Regulus knew that the cursed demons below, or was it above? Well, all he knew was that their skeletal hands kept on clawing and grabbing as Regulus kept on thrashing and kicking at anything that was moving. Those hands clutched every part of his body with vice like grip pulling and pulling.
Are sure you can do this?
Regulus knew that the numbing water surrounding him were almost unparalleled to the frozen rains of winter. If he was above the surface, Regulus knew he would have felt the pain of every single scratch and bruise he'd accumulated on his body. Maybe he wouldn't have felt anything and just died of hypothermia.
It isn't as bad as you think, you know that Reggie?
It was silent when Regulus started to fe
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|R.A.B.| Emerald Flames: Prologue
Life is a strange thing. A child could be born full of potential to face the world that lay before them. They would go through life and see the world through wondrous eyes. They could take the world like a storm than cater their own history as time goes on. Or a child could grow to make their own story from the shadows, which will then turn into a forgotten part of history. The untold legacies that are left within either a few or left the world along with their makers.
Though, even hidden stories could sometimes be revealed again.
“This is a very crucial event, therefore the both of you are required to uphold our titles like proper Blacks once we get there.” Her voice wasn't completely commanding, but held a certain tone of sternness. “No gallivanting as we’ve been allowing you both lately. I propose that you two don’t make your father and I regret our decision on that matter.”
“Yes, Mother.”
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Colored Fairy Rave by FairyRave Colored Fairy Rave :iconfairyrave:FairyRave 6 5 Inktober 2016 - Day 1 by FairyRave Inktober 2016 - Day 1 :iconfairyrave:FairyRave 2 0 BADGER  by FairyRave BADGER :iconfairyrave:FairyRave 1 1 Dogwood - BluegrassBrooke Birthday  by FairyRave Dogwood - BluegrassBrooke Birthday :iconfairyrave:FairyRave 13 1 I'm Always Watching - Commission  by FairyRave I'm Always Watching - Commission :iconfairyrave:FairyRave 5 0 Nightly Routine - Commission  by FairyRave Nightly Routine - Commission :iconfairyrave:FairyRave 19 10 Fairy Rave - Reference Sheet  by FairyRave Fairy Rave - Reference Sheet :iconfairyrave:FairyRave 10 10 Glowing Stars by FairyRave Glowing Stars :iconfairyrave:FairyRave 30 6 xXBlazingFireStarXx - Request  by FairyRave xXBlazingFireStarXx - Request :iconfairyrave:FairyRave 4 3



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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Profile Art created by HeyAbbyAnne

Drawing I love drawing, and digital art is fun too. /)O3O(\
*Practice I need practice -_-

Well I'm a 17 year old self taught artist. I usually practice mimicking other art styles till I add my own style to it or feel comfortable that I could add my own style. I'm not that good of a artist that I want to put my art as a wallpaper yet, but I think I'm getting there.

And obviously I'm a brony, a whovian, a anime lover, a Sherlock fan, Once Upon a Time fan, Gravity Falls fan, and other fandoms I don't know about. Sometimes I'm a fan of the fandoms within the fandom. I'm not obsessed over things that I go to cons or buy enough products like mangas, DVDs, toys, ect to fill a room, but enough of a fan to make art. I relatively like my life right now and have a balance between internet life and real life.

And if anyone ask FairyRave means the two shows and mangas I adore before MLP FIM they are a combination of Fairy Tail and Rave Master both made by Hiro Mashima.

Places to find me:
Tumblr - (Main Blog) (Art Blog)
Fimfiction -…


Something Unforeseen
Sorry I haven't posted very many art pieces lately. Life has been busy for me. However, inspiration finally hit me when I entered this for an art prompt over at WriteOff. I think I did pretty well considering my art block I had for a while.
Soooo, the wonderful :iconbluegrassbrooke: tagged me and I thought this would be a fun thing to do.

Le Rules

1. You must post these rules
2. Each person must share 13 things about them
3. Answer the 13 questions the tagger gave you and then invent 13 of your own
4. You must legitimately tag 13 people 
5. Tagbacks are allowed!
6. You must make a journal entry

13 Things about me

1) Well, when I was younger I tend to build a sort of tent in my living room with my two younger siblings. We then stuff blankets, pillows, and a lot of stuffed animals in there and we piled in. We would also leave the opening large enough so we could see the TV.

2) I had two best girl friends in elementary where instead of playing on the swings or monkey bars during recess, we would go out the soccer field to catch the yellow butterflies or examine little bugs.

3) Also, I had three guy friends I would hang out with as well because we liked the same videos games. Once we found a poor dead frog in this pipe near the field, and we decided to bury it and made a small ceremony in memory of it. May the unnamed frog rest in peace.

4) As a child, I would always wake up at exactly 6 on a Saturday morning to watch TV in the dark.

5) The first book that actually got me into reading was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. (I’ve loved the series ever since too.) Harry Potter 

6) There was a time where my younger sister and I looked almost exactly like one another that when we go out in public almost every time someone would ask “Are you two twins?” and one of us would reply “No, we are one year apart,” then they would look at us like they don't believe our words. 
Angry sock gravity falls icon (broken) 

7) In addition on the subject of twins, once I was on stage with my choir for a concert, and my director was stressed and was giving us the final rundown before we start. The other staff was just letting people into the auditorium to be seated and family just happened to be the first ones in. Well, my director saw my sister than actually yelled at her to get back on stage. My sister was standing confused, while my friends standing next to me and I was calling for my director’s attention. She spurned around and said, “What?!” She spotted me and then looked back at my sister then back at me and yelled, “Who’s that?!” and I said, “My sister.” We were all laughing in the end. (No, she wasn't a bad director. I knew she was stressed about the concert that day. She was really one of my best choir director, so I’d love her regardless.)

8) I currently ranked #10 out of my whole junior class. There are kids who asked me how do I do it and I just sit thinking I don't know, considering I spend the majority of my free time reading fanfiction till around 2 am in the morning instead of studying. When I say all the majority of my free time, I really mean I waste my time and I don't regret it.
GIF Gravity Falls - Wowowowow 

9) I had a crush on this guy when I was in elementary school, and he happened to be an amazing artist. He was also one of the reasons why I’m inspired to draw, which is to get to his level of skill. I never told him, though, and I haven't seen him since. 

10) I am the type that would not deliberately attempt to draw attention, but likes attention and would willing to talk just about anything if approached. 

11) Every time there’s music playing that I love, I WILL sing it out loud. My siblings find this annoying, but I don't care. Dance [Gravity Falls] 

12) I love math. There's just something satisfying about solving an equation or problem.Emoticons' math problem 

13) I have a weird obsession over fanfics. The last physical book that I actually picked out for myself was about a year ago. Star and Her Evil Rainbow Emote 

13 Questions I was asked

1) Do you eat your cake with a spoon or a fork? 

Depends on what I grab hold first. Doesn't matter what I would use as long as I eat the cake. Heck, I would even use a spork or some chopsticks if I get to eat good cake, especially if it's chocolate.
excited Star Butterfly icon 

2) What's the weirdest thing you've ever drawn? 

4 words: Comic, Celestia, Cake, and Luna. Celestia hates Luna 

3) If you had the choice/time, would you take a nap every day?

Yes, definitely, absolutely.

4) If you could have anything for breakfast, what would it be? 

Eggs of any kind. Scrambled, sunny side, omelet, etc.  

5) What is your favorite Pokemon? Why?

Between Eevee or Ninetales. An Eevee because there are so many different evolutions it could go through and they are all cute. A Ninetales because I loved it ever since I saw it on the original Pokémon series as a kid.

6) Have you ever watched the Rankin and Bass production of The Hobbit? 

I haven't even read the Hobbit nor Lord of the Rings, let alone watched them yet.

7) What's one weird pet peeve of yours?

My dad’s off-topic lectures and people leaving the lights on when they leave a room.

8) Best comfort food?

Phở (It’s a Vietnamese dish I grew up with ever since I was a child. It’s wonderful to have when I’m sick or cold or simply want some hot soup with noodles.)

9) Do you RP? With whom (don't have to be specific, lol, just in general)?

I haven't done any recently unless you can count me playing a MLP video game 2 years ago. 

10) Favorite animal at the zoo?

I like them all, but I’ll have to say the tiger. Happy Yellow Tiger 

11) Fuzzy socks? Yay or nay?


12) Ever had real maple syrup? Did you like it? 

I don't think so, but I had bought honey directly from the farmers market before and that tasted great with waffles.

13) What's a smell that makes you happy?

Chocolate or my mom’s cooking.

My 13 Questions

1) What is your first fandom you knowingly joined?
2) What is the earliest childhood show you remember?
3) Truthfully, how many hours do you sleep each night?
4) Who was your first crush or who was someone you’d first admired?
5) What are some of your favorite books?
6) Do you like to work on separate layers when you make art? 
7) What is your favorite school subject?
8) Traditional or digital?
9) If you are stuck on a deserted island, who would you bring with you and what 3 items would you bring?
10) Do you have a funny memory from your childhood? 
11) What Hogwarts House would you be sorted in?
12) What is your preferred writing utensil?
13) Name the first two words you could think off the top of your head.




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